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22/02/2017 09:47

Wrought iron bar

Wrought iron bar on the blog by Arteferro.comIn general all the structures and the building can be supported and decorated by different elements in wrought iron. The long bars produced by Arteferro are shaped iron bars which are used in several applications, for example along a staircase or a wall where it is necessary a support, as a structural part of a fence or a gate.


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Wrought iron decorative pieces on the blog by Arteferro.comThe decoration is a very wide field, which includes the transformation, the arrangement, the restoration and repair of a human habitat and of the internal furniture. The decoration of doors, balconies, walls and gates can be obtained through the use of objects in wrought iron, of which the company Artefatto presents spear points, tops and plates, scrolls, snap-ons, spheres, bushes and baskets, flowers and ornaments.


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16/02/2017 09:36

Wrought Iron Door Insert

Wrought iron door insert on the blog by Arteferro.comIron is the most used metal by the whole humanity, it represents the 95% of the production of metals in the world. Its low cost and its resistance make the iron an indispensable building material, especially in the production of cars and load-bearing elements of buildings.


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02/02/2017 15:10

Ornamental Iron supplies

Ornamental Iron supplies on the blog by Arteferro.comAfter the big success of Expo 2016, this year “Made Expo 2017” will take place from the 8th to the 11th of March. The exhibition will be held in “Fiera Milano Rho” and it consists in four special-interest exhibitions which are expected to generate synergies among the products and services employed by the building industry in order to stay ahead in an increasingly interconnected and rapidly-changing market.


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Wrought iron furniture manufacturers on the blog by Arteferro.comAre you exhausted of banal wood furniture you find in many modern stores? Are you tired of always changing your furniture after a few years without being able to find unique and timeless pieces? Are you looking for something more exclusive and personal for your house? Then wrought iron is what you are searching for: resistant, stylish, elegant and classic furniture to give a new astounding look to every room of your house.


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18/01/2017 11:42

Iron railing parts

Iron railing parts on the blog by Arteferro.comRailings are functional and decorative structures, embellishing and protecting balconies, fences and stairs, both indoor and outdoor. We should be aware of the fact that the inappropriate railing can be a total catastrophe for our house. It can give people a feeling of uneasiness, it may evoke the idea of an imprisoning space and it can cover light sources, darkening and hiding parts of the design. An appropriate railing should instead be a key architectural part, showing the inner beauty of a building along with its functionality.


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16/01/2017 11:25

Wrought iron fence materials

Wrought iron fence materials on the blog by Arteferro.comOur property has to be safe and welcoming at the same time and thus it is crucial to surround our house with an elegant and resistant fence. This will make us feel protected but it will also welcome guests and visitors who come to our house. Fences are the first impression people visiting you get, so details are fundamental. Fences can also be used to separate areas of your property such as the swimming pool or different areas of the garden. For any use, they must be built with extremely endurable materials to avoid continuous maintenance and even partial or total substitution.


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12/01/2017 11:14

Wrought iron handrail parts

Wrought iron handrail parts on the blog by Arteferro.comStaircases are dangerous and need to be protected to guarantee safety, especially for children and older people, both outdoor and indoor. Therefore, handrails represent essential functional elements. However, they can become decorative elements as well, as long as we choose the right ones. Architectural designers and professionals are conscious of the extreme importance of the choice of handrails, since they tend to be difficult to harmonize with staircases and other architectural parts of a house.


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