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20/09/2017 19:01

Italian balcony design

Wrought iron railings are one of the most decorative elements of a balcony; the unmistakable design of Italian balconies plays a fundamental role not only in architecture, but also in the sceneries of the country.
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13/09/2017 19:34

Decorative enclosures

Those who own a house with private or resident garden are aware of the noble beauty of a decorative wrought iron enclosure.
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06/09/2017 11:02

Wrought iron in Italy

The manufacturing of wrought iron in Italy has a secular tradition, enriched today by the last innovations in the field of metallurgy.
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30/08/2017 19:22

Top of wrought iron poles

Details are important: in the architecture, in the interior and exterior furnishings, as well as in civil and industrial buildings. 
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23/08/2017 17:58

Decorative elements in iron

Wrought iron allows to realize every kind of shape and sculpture, typically in 2D, and destined to the realization of railings, beds, enclosures, frames, lamps, tables, and chairs.  
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22/02/2017 09:47

Wrought iron bar

Wrought iron bar on the blog by Arteferro.comIn general all the structures and the building can be supported and decorated by different elements in wrought iron. The long bars produced by Arteferro are shaped iron bars which are used in several applications, for example along a staircase or a wall where it is necessary a support, as a structural part of a fence or a gate.


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Wrought iron decorative pieces on the blog by Arteferro.comThe decoration is a very wide field, which includes the transformation, the arrangement, the restoration and repair of a human habitat and of the internal furniture. The decoration of doors, balconies, walls and gates can be obtained through the use of objects in wrought iron, of which the company Artefatto presents spear points, tops and plates, scrolls, snap-ons, spheres, bushes and baskets, flowers and ornaments.


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16/02/2017 09:36

Wrought Iron Door Insert

Wrought iron door insert on the blog by Arteferro.comIron is the most used metal by the whole humanity, it represents the 95% of the production of metals in the world. Its low cost and its resistance make the iron an indispensable building material, especially in the production of cars and load-bearing elements of buildings.


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