A railing has not only to be functional, but also admirable from an aesthetic point of view. In every situation, the view gives added value to a structure that is only solid, effective, or resistant in itself. Without any type of decoration, this is not so extraordinary, even for those who prefer a minimal design. By using cast iron railings panels, you can turn something necessary into something extremely decorative. Cast iron is a material that, if well worked, has a singular style.

Stairs, balconies, and every kind of railing

To personalize every kind of railing, Arteferro has a catalogue of cast iron railings panels, that can satisfy even the most demanding manufacturing and installation requests. The models presented in the store go from the most basic to the most elaborate ones regarding the type and the level of decoration. From the most spartan to the most decorated, passing through an infinity of intermediate leves, where the perfect one can be found.

From classic to modern: everyone has his style

Cast iron railings panels vary in style, shape, and size: from the classic-style to the modern-style ones, straight or with corners and irregular shapes, for large locations or small spaces. In any case, for any discontinuity in shape or direction, the professionalism with which they are manufactured and put into operation will give the perception of an accessory studied and elaborated for that specific purpose. Cast iron railings panels as a whole with the structure to be protected or to furnished. Something unique and with an unmistakable style of those who designed, worked, and installed on that balcony or on that staircase.