Wrought iron is not only used in the exterior architecture, for gates and garden structures, nor it is limted to use in connection with the production of fixtures, stairs, railings, balustrades, gratings, fences, or arbors. When the know-how of the artisan meets inspiration and creativity, rich and original objects are the result, an assortment of handicraft products made of decorative wrought iron. These are mostly solutions and furnishings accessories, that recall the style and taste of an ancient tradition.

 From the hardest material a smart e refined proposal

To set up the exterior space of a house, the garden furniture made with decorative wrought iron matches the ornamental and floral elements that decorate gazebos and frameworks. Among the offer of interior furnitures, it is possible to choose Retro-style lamps or Medieval-style candlesticks, solid coat hangers and hand-decorated floral mirrors. In particular, in the sleeping area, there are those who prefer resistant beds forged with iron, often closed by romantic canopies, adorned with rose windows on the top, worked medallions, floral motifs, and twine leaves.

 Manufacture of decorative wrought iron 

The complex artwork in decorative wrought iron is the result of a completely crafted work, so the enthusiasts of this ornamental style should go to a blacksmith. Forging iron is a slow process, where the artisan gives the shape and the design suggested by the client. With a diligent work, the iron, whose first characteristic is ductility, is heated and softened to be later shaped into a decorative element or, in some cases, into a true artistic product.