Wrought iron and its processing techniques as distinctive characteristic for a retro-style; the iron artisans with their hard and wise work satisfy the enthusiasts of ancient art. It is not always like this, or better said, it is a type of technique that does not only represent this. Thanks to its adaptation to different architectures and styles, the forging art is inspired by the new lines of modern design for wrought iron.

Style evolutions and contemporary taste

Overcoming classicity, modern sensibility and new geometries, these are the elements that compose the increasinlgy modern art of iron masters. Essential lines and schematic drawings contribute to the furnishings of the space and elegant compositions. Modern design choices for the wrought iron turn into an innovative aesthetic and into an offer of original architectonic solutions. The actual design developes a combination of iron and different materials, such as stainless steel, glass, wood, rope, and plastic.

Futuristic aesthetic for objects of use

Gates, stairs, railings, rails, panels, poles, enclosures, rose windows, studs, geometric shapes, furnitures and complements, decorative elements, ornamental objects, and much more. The modern design for wrought iron revisits every product in a modern key by adopting an industrial style as response to the last trends in the field. Working often on projects by architects and designers, artisan talent is expressed in the search for a minimal and linear style, in some cases animated by irregular geometries inspired by modern design for wrought iron. Finally, the added value is that, when it comes to modular elments, assembly and installation of structures are also easy and extremely practical.