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Our company

Arteferro is a leading wrought iron company dedicated to the production of wrought iron, brass and bronze decorative items. The international aspect of the company comes from the fact that Arteferro has locations in 25 countries, including Germany, France, Nigeria, Brazil, Chile, Croatia and the United States. Our company’s catalogue has got more than 30,000 decorative items, such as pre-assembled panels, leaves, flowers and baskets, along with a huge selection of home furniture. Arteferro has a very innovative style, as it mixes together the classic style of the Liberty lines of the beginning of the 20th Century with modern geometry, which gives a good mix of the past and the future. 




Protection and beauty in wrought iron

Our wrought iron company focuses on protection and beauty. As a matter of fact, we constantly look for innovation, trying to enhance the look of the product and its durability. Our mission is to create top-quality, cutting-edge products by using the best materials and the latest technology. Arteferro epitomizes this culture by establishing a close relationship with customers, employees and suppliers. At Arteferro, we work with passion to give you high-quality products and an unequalled customer service.


Wrought iron company – Our standards

Arteferro sets the highest standards in the manufacturing of wrought iron. We have manufacturers that have an in-house iron rolling mill where the iron is wrought in many different ways for different fields. We offer a wide selection of elements, including forged pickets, leaves, bars, flowers, pre-assembled panels, scrolls, rings and decorative elements and a wide range of home furnishings. At Arteferro we work hard to provide products that meet the technical and aesthetic needs of our clients. We have a group of wrought iron technicians who incorporate quality raw materials with the latest technologies and designs to offer high-quality products that are in line with our mission. We can count on a team of Italian wrought iron manufactures with years of experience in the field. We strongly believe that working on a one-on-one basis with our employees, suppliers and customers is fundamental. Through this method, we can create innovative products and ensure that raw materials are of the best quality.