Arteferro is the world leader in the production of items made of wrought iron, brass and bronze. The catalogue inlcudes over 30.000 elements: bars, forged pickets, preassembled panels, leaves, flowers, baskets, roses, scrolls, rings and other decorative elements, as well to a rich variety of home furnishings. It is the task of blacksmith to assemble them into finished objects such as balustrades, railings, fences, or any other creation suggests his creativity.

The Philosophy: Protection and Beauty

The art form represented by wrought iron is fed by two unavoidable human needs: protection and beauty. That is why Arteferro unites tradition, which is the artisan's workmanship of the wrought iron with a constant quest for technical and aesthetic innovations. From the use of the latest technology to the choice of materials, everyone in the company contributes to the creation of cutting-edge products that are the expression of a culture that Arteferro promotes and disseminates worldwide. The company is able to do so by working with customers, employees, and suppliers on a one on one basis. Arteferro also keeps at the forefront of our community and environment in which it operate striving to implement continuous improvements through the control of business processes as it comply with the laws that govern each sector.

Thanks to all of this, the company can provide the client high-quality products and services guaranteeing a unique and controlled quality standard. At the same time, Arteferro care about the effects that has towards the environment around it, pushing us to implement policies of environmental sustainability and environmental impact.

This commitment supports the principles of protection and beauty that characterize the spirit of Arteferro products. These principles stem from the belief that there can be nothing more beautiful in our world and protecting it is a major concern for all.

When it comes to examining or evaluating ancient wrought iron, university faculties or auction houses
turn to us.

Bruno Gonzato - Ind.i.a. Spa Founder

Gonzato Design

Gonzato Design is the line of products Arteferro characterized by an innovative style. The wrought iron classical motifs blend and interpret the modern geometries creating a special whole that tells of past and future.The Liberty style lines of the beginning '900 are harmonized through a contemporary aesthetic sense that rationalizes the space making it elegant and definite.

Among the Gonzato Design articles also the pre-assembled panels that, ready for installation, are designed to facilitate the works of the craftsman: realize your composition just joining each other or combining them with plain iron pickets! A solution of design and practise that allows a considerable saving of time and money. Such as all the Arteferro products, also the pre-assembled panels can be custom-made.