Gonzato Design

Gonzato Design is the Arteferro product line characterized by an innovative style...

The classical wrought iron motifs blend and interpret the modern geometries creating an unique combination that tells of past and future. The Art Nouveau style of beginning ‘900, are interpreted with a contemporary touch that rationalize the space, making it elegant and precise.

Among the Gonzato Contract items you can find also the pre-assembled panels that, ready for installation, are designed to facilitate the work of the craftsman: realize your composition just bring the panels together or combining them with a simple straight wrought iron pickets.

A design and practice solution that allows a remarkable saving of time and money. Like all the Arteferro products, also the pre-assembled panels can be also custom-made.

" The careful research which forms the basis of these products with a revolutionary design qualifies them among the most modern and successful interpretations of the ancient and noble art of wrought iron."
Arch. Bruno Gonzato.

Pannello pre-assemblato (Art. 236/1)

Gonzato Design tra Fantasia, rigore e innovazione.

The forty-year experience of Architects Bruno Gonzato and Stefania Buccio and the increasing technical possibilities of ironworking allowed to mature awareness of how this material can be shaped not only in classic and traditional shapes but also in more modern and original solutions.

The Gonzato Design product line by Arteferro has been expanded with many new items and combined together into families: Geometric, Revolution, New Waves and much more to be discovered!


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